Certified Procurement & Supply Chain Professional (CPSCP).

The Certified Procurement & Supply Chain Professional (CPSCP) programme provides the foundation for buyers, procurement managers and others involved in day-to-day management and oversight operations to improve their knowledge and understanding of procurement practices, to identify and manage risk, drive cost efficiency and improve overall standards.

Our vision and resolve is to achieve high standards in procurement operations and also strengthen the proficiency of procurement management to identify and mitigate risk and manage supply chain operations better.

Entry Requirements

Candidates seeking CPSCP professional Certification by Direct Entry, i.e. no examination, will have a minimum of eight years working in procurement and supply chain management operations at management level and above.

Candidates seeking CPSCP Certification by Examination will have a minimum of four years experience in buying.

Fees: Professional Certification by Direct Entry costs only GB£190 for three years.

CPSCP Certification - Direct Entry Route

Certification via Direct entry is for highly skilled candidates. Applications are accepted on the basis of the candidate’s practical experience in matters of procurement and supply chain practices. Examples of the candidate’s experience and skills would include;

  • Knowledge, capability and understanding of global supply chain risk complexities;
  • An understanding and application of the strategic elements of procurement practices in the new age of digital communications;
  • An understanding the underlying principles of procurement and supply chain management and how to manage risk;
  • The design, application, monitoring and management of procurement unit performance;
  • Involvement in developing a procurement code of ethics; leadership and enforcement of the code of ethics and values; the utilization and enforcement of policies and procedures associated with a procurement code of ethics and values.
  • Responsibility for and involvement in the development of a corporate procurement environment;
  • Experience in risk evaluation in procurement; determining risks; writing policy manuals and or contributing to risk and control manuals;
  • Leading competitive tendering processes, evaluation and assessment; negotiation and award of contracts;
  • Procurement training responsibilities for buyers and stakeholders;
  • Procurement reporting responsibilities as a member of a strategic management team;

Certification by Examination

Certification by Examination Curriculum will be available April 2018.

Please register now by emailing info@theaicp.org. You will be sent full details immediately the curriculum is available.

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