Membership by Examination

Professional Membership of the AICP carries the designation MAICP

The MAICP educational curriculum has been revised in order to ensure our programme meets the highest possible standards and modern practices internationally. The study programme includes discussion of the essential elements of internal control namely;

  • The principles and practices of internal control;
  • Evaluation and improvement of an internal control system;
  • Risk Management, risk assessment, enterprise risk management;
  • Corporate governance and compliance;
  • The application of controls in the small to medium size business;
  • Internal control and managing risk in procurement and supply chain operations;
  • Audit and self-assessment processes.

The Examination

The ‘body of knowledge’ for membership is the AICP Statement on Internal Control Professional Practice (SICPP).

The SICPP has been compiled from standards of excellence advocated by leading authorities including; COSO, ISO31000, the Canadian Institute of Charted Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Successful completion of the examination requires the candidate to correctly answer 70% of the questions on the examination paper. There are 100 questions selected for the examination requiring completion in 90 minutes. The questions are multiple choice.

Candidates have up to two years from the date of registration to pass the exam. The exam may be taken as frequently as needed to pass. Access to the SICPP study material is available online

Costs of Membership by Examination

The registration fee is £190.

On Line Study Materials cost £310. Materials supplied in 'Hard' copy cost £395.

To access the Application form click on the tab below. If you have a question please contact;