The MAICP Examination

‘Certification by Examination’ is required for all candidates who may not qualify via the Grandfathering scheme (direct entry).

The examination  is based on a common body of knowledge i.e. the AICP  ‘Statement on Internal Control Professional Practice’.

Each major topic within the examination illustrates the depth and breadth of the subject matter. The study modules representing the skills and knowledge that will be tested on taking the examination are:

Study Modules

Module 1. The Principles and Practices of Internal Control;

Module 2. Essential Elements for an Effective Internal Control System;

Module 3. Risk Management;

Module 4. Internal Controls in the Small to Medium Size Business;

Module 5. Internal Control in Procurement Operations;

Module 6. Corporate Governance and Compliance;

Module 7. Evaluation and improvement of an internal control system.

Further details and learning outcomes are  listed in the MAICP by Examination 2017 – Official guide.

Enrolling in the MAICP by Examination programme

  • Register “on-line”
  • Complete the Application.

The application fee of GB£190 for three years membership and certification is payable via PayPal at the time of registration.



Study materials

Study materials cost GB£175 and may be purchased by registered candidates via the PayPal link below. Each module will be sent to you in PDF format by email to the email address you gave us during registration.