Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is about ensuring you maintain the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your role and responsibilities. To maintain your Certified membership you are required to accrue 40 CPD points each year and declare your compliance with this requirement to the AICP every two years. The declaration will ask you to confirm that you have undertaken appropriate learning along with development activities on an ongoing basis. CPD applies to all members of the AICP  There are no exemptions from this requirement.

Accruing CPD Points

Appropriate learning and development activities include:

  • Sitting on an AICP committee, or other relevant committee with a contribution of 15 hours or more (20 points).
  • Taking part in an AICP mentoring programme with a contribution of 10 hours or more (10 points).
  • Writing a short publication – not less than 600 words (10 points).
  • Attending a one-day AICP training seminar (10 points).
  • Completing an AICP webinar or e-learning seminar (5 points).
  • Attending an AICP conference (20 Points).
  • Attending a networking session (5 points).
  • Studying for another relevant qualification (10 points).
  • Taking part in activities promoting AICP, local development of the profession, other activities (10 points).
  • Drafting and delivering training courses, studies for AICP (20 points)

Continuing Professional Development Guidance

In the age of ever changing technology and global risks it is fundamentally important to develop, maintain and exercise your technical knowledge and specialist skills.

Think carefully about what is expected from you in your role and your development needs then undertake appropriate development activities. In doing so, consider the impact and effectiveness of such activities in meeting your needs.

Be aware of the business, regulatory and technical environment in which you operate and the internal/external influences that affect your role/responsibilities and your employer.

Continuing Professional Development CPD Declaration

You are required to make a declaration to The AICP every two years. We will remind you to do this when you receive your membership renewal notice. You can make your declaration to the AICP by email.

However, if you feel you have not reached the level of CPD compliance please tell us and we will guide you towards the development activities that would best help you to meet your development needs.

On a sample basis, the AICP will check the accuracy, completeness, relevance and supporting documentation you have declared in order to assess your compliance with the the AICP requirements. If selected, you will be asked to send in your CPD evidence for review so please retain any certificates of attendance at events with your CPD record.

It is essential that members comply with the continuing professional development requirements in order to maintain MAICP or MAPP membership status.