Certification by Examination

Professional Certification in Internal Control, Risk Management and Corporate Governance.

  ‘Certified Risk & Internal Control Professional – CRICP’

The CRICP ‘ONLINE CURRICULUM is a unique learning platform consisting of seven modules and  includes the essential elements of internal control namely;

    • The principles and practices of internal control;
    • Evaluation and improvement of an internal control system;
    • Risk Management, risk assessment, enterprise risk management;
    • Corporate governance and compliance;
    • Controls in the small to medium size business;
    • Internal control and managing risk in procurement and supply chain operations;
    • Evaluation & Improvement of the Internal Control System;
    • Human Resources performance management,  self-assessment and audit processes.

CRICP Examination

Successful completion of the examination requires the candidate to correctly answer 75% of the questions on the examination paper. There are 100 questions selected for the examination that require completion in 90 minutes. The questions are multiple-choice.

Candidates have up to two years to pass the exam. The exam may be taken up to five times in the period from the initial date of registration.

To pass the examination the recommended duration of study is between 80 and 100 hours. The candidate cannot rely on their current experience to pass the examination at the first attempt. On successfully passing the online examination the candidate is awarded CRICP Certification. The certificate has a three-year expiration date renewable on re-certification at a nominal cost.