Certification Examination

For successful candidates the Certification Examination – CPSCP leads to becoming a Certified Procurement & Supply Chain Professional. The designation can be achieved in less than 12 months.

The educational curriculum meets the highest possible standards and modern practices internationally. The study programme includes discussion of the essential elements of Procurement and Supply Chain Management namely;

  • The procurement function;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Supplier selection & management;
  • Supply chain resilience;
  • Competitive tendering;
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP);
  • Continuous improvement self-assessment;
  • Best practice analysis;
  • Risk in the supply chain;
    Control weaknesses in the Procurement Process;
  • Establishing the Risk Context;
  • How Good Practice should look;
  • Measures of Performance;
  • Assessing Performance – Target Levels of Achievement;
  • Negotiation;
  • Principles & Practices of Internal Control & Risk Management.

Learning Outcomes

On passing the examination candidates will have the ability to understand and apply best practices, and to identify and describe the operational benefits of implementing professional procurement practices.

Furthermore they will have sufficient knowledge to;

  • Implement a supplier resilience programme;
  • Implement a supplier partnership programme;
  • Understand the financial terminology found in the balance sheet;
  • Explain why procurement performance evaluation measures should be directly related to strategic and operational goals and objectives;
  • Identify and describe the operational benefits of enterprise resource planning (ERP);
  • Explain ‘outsourcing’ and identify the benefits, limitations and risks;
  • Define best practice and discuss how it can be used by an organisation to improve performance;
  • Define key performance indicators;
  • Identify a negotiating position;
  • Apply self-assessment practices to ensuring continuous management of procurement performance;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of bench-marking procurement practices;
  • Demonstrate and apply the major internal control requirements of the UK Slavery Act.
  • Understand internal control and risk management in the procurement process.

The Examination

The ‘body of knowledge’ on which the educational curriculum is based is the AICP Statement on Procurement Professional Practice (SPPP).

The SPPP has been compiled from standards of excellence advocated by the highly experienced directors of the AICP.  Candidates have up to two years from the date of registration to pass the exam. The exam may be taken as frequently as needed to pass. Access to the SPPP study material will be available online or in hard copy from mid-April 2018.

Costs of Certification Examination

The registration fee is £190.The fee covers three years certification.

On Line Study Materials cost £310. Materials supplied in ‘Hard’ copy cost £395.

To access the Application form for certification by Direct Entry click on the tab below. If you have a question please contact; info@theaicp.org