Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the AICP established?

The complex nature of Internal Control, Risk Management, Corporate Governance and of course the key operational process of Procurement and Supply Chain Management demanded greater insight into these key management processes than was available via US based institutes. This is a primary reason why the AICP was established.

What is the Scope of The AICP Operations?

The AICP is the only European institute offering individual professional certification in Internal Control, Risk Management & Corporate Governance, and Procurement & Supply Chain Management. We also focus our activities on learning and operational excellence in these major business management processes.

Why Certification?

Certification validates skills and prepares you to adapt to global challenges. Not least, certification establishes you as a leader with professional credibility and a person who is able to demonstrate the highest standards in his/her work.

Who is Eligible For Certification?

Candidates for Certification include any person in the organisation, although we do expect candidates to have work experience in the chosen disciplines and/or with management, supervisory or oversight responsibilities.

What are the Entry Requirements for Certification?

The entry requirements are shown on our website against the relevant certification programme. Requirements differ between candidates seeking certification by direct entry (no examination) and those electing to undertake the examination study programme.

Do I have to sit an Examination for CRICP or CPSCP Certification?

Yes. Certification is by examination with the exception of highly skilled candidates who can apply for certification without having to complete our study programme.

I am a Certified Internal Auditor. Why should I apply for certification in Internal Control, Risk Management & Governance?

Internal auditing does not traditionally encompass Internal Control activities such as design, implementation and managing internal control activities. However, if auditors are to ensure that the controls and processes in place are effective and sufficient for good organisational control, a comprehensive knowledge of Internal Control and its relevant processes is an essential skill.

I am a skilled Professional. Do you offer certification by a Direct Entry scheme?

Yes. Highly skilled individuals with the relevant experience in strategic and operational management, internal controls, risk management or procurement practices may be eligible for Certification. You must complete the Application form and pay the fee before we can process an application.

How long does Certification last?

Generally three years after which we would invite you to ‘renew’ your certification at a nominal fee, currently GB£70.

With regard to payment of fees do you accept other currencies besides GB£ sterling?

Preferably not. Candidates can pay by debit or credit card provided the payment is processed through PayPal. There is no added cost to the candidate by using this payment method.