About us

“About us” – the Association of Internal Control Practitioners (the AICP) is a progressive ‘not-for-profit’ company limited by guarantee and registered in London, England. We are a young vibrant multinational institution dedicated to all-round management and organisational competence.

Our sphere of operation is education in internal control, risk management, corporate governance, and procurement and supply chain management through the achievement of professional education and learning.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and maintain high standards of professional skill, ability and integrity among all practitioners who are engaged in internal controls, risk management, corporate governance and compliance, procurement and supply chain management and anti-fraud and anti-corruption issues.
  • To enhance the skills, competence and careers of our members through education, training, conferencing and other educational programmes;
  • To work in partnership with local, regional and international training organisations, agencies, business schools and universities, professional accountancy institutes, local audit groups, state audit institutions, banking institutes and others in the development of professional internal control and risk management activities and excellence in the design and delivery of expert advice and assistance;
  • To ensure rolling research programmes enables the visualization of future leading edge practices;
  • To advance standards of educational delivery in internal control, risk management and procurement practices using the latest proven techniques and technologies;

The professional membership designations of ‘Certified Internal Control Practitioner’ (MAICP) and ‘Member of the Association of Procurement Professionals (MAPP) underpins these objectives.

Our educational services are  available to organisations, charities, small to medium size businesses and government.

Profits generated are used by the company in furtherance of these objectives.