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Internal Control - The Building Blocks of Effective Business Management

Professional Certification at the AICP

Certified Risk and Internal Control Professional (CRICP) or

Certified Procurement & Supply Chain Professional (CPSCP)

Minimum Entry Requirements

A minimum of four years working in operational management, or a background in Internal Control, Audit, Accounting, Business, Law, Procurement or similar professions.

Direct Entry Route

No examination is required. Applications for membership by ‘direct entry’ are accepted under the ‘job experience and skills provision’ whereby the candidate must satisfy and substantiate the extensive skills and knowledge requirements established by the AICP Certification Board.

Membership by Examination

Candidates for certification must undertake a comprehensive study programme and take and pass an examination.

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The AICP Global Learning

Fully paid certified members of the AICP have ‘free access’ to much of the e-learning programmes on the AICP Global platform.

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