Membership Options in Professional Membership & Certification

Internal Control, Risk Management & Corporate Governance (MAICP)

Are you a company director, manager, supervisor, internal control manager, risk manager or internal auditor? Are you involved in operational and strategic business matters? If so, internal control – professional certification and membership of the AICP is for you.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management (MAPP)

Are you a Buyer, Procurement Manager or Procurement Director? Perhaps you have recently changed career and procurement and supply chain management now falls within your brief!  This professional course provides the foundation to enhance your understanding of procurement and supply chain management practices and attract a professional qualification.

You have a choice of membership

Associate Membership   Associate membership is ideal for anyone with a strong interest in Internal Control, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and Procurement and Supply Chain practices. Membership gives you access to all the AICP membership benefits and does not require any entry qualifications or past experience.

Membership for Skilled Professionals  Applications for professional membership  from skilled professionals are accepted on the basis of job experience and skills, i.e. the candidate’s actual professional experience in internal control, risk management and corporate governance practices or procurement and supply chain management practices. No examination is required.

Professional membership by Examination 

The educational curriculum for MAICP  and MAPP certification meets the highest possible standards and modern practices internationally. You have a choice of learning on-line or in the classroom.

Training in Internal Control, Risk management and Procurement 

AICP training courses are bespoke; designed to client requirements by the AICP and and our approved partners.All training and professional certification courses follow the AICP academic curriculum. Visit our training page for details of our courses and our Approved Partners

International Network

The AICP membership is growing rapidly, attracted by an affordable membership fee and a professional accreditation process aimed at helping our members to navigate all sorts of challenges. Is their a Chapter or a Partner of the AICP in your country or region? Check here…