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Professional Certification by the AICP  represents  high standards in the application of Internal Control, Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Procurement & Supply Chain Management practices. Certification is available globally.

Certification also represents enhanced career opportunities for people who are actively engaged in the ‘practical’ activities of business management from the boardroom to operations and oversight managers.

MAICP – Member of the Association of Internal Control Practitioners

Internal Control has grown in importance and international recognition. Skills and knowledge in the fields of internal controls, including risk management, corporate governance and fraud detection are an integral part of managing an organisation and provide the framework for identifying and addressing major performance and management challenges.

MAPP – Member of the Association of Procurement Professionals

Competition in world markets is ferocious. Buyers and purchasing managers are expected to manage supply chains better using all the tools and techniques at their disposal to maximize opportunities. Certification means you have the right level of knowledge to help to ensure your company reaches its objectives.

Certification & Membership Options

Membership of The AICP is an opportunity for executive directors, managers, supervisors, internal control managers, risk managers, internal auditors and others involved in operational and strategic matters to get at the core of internal controls, risk management and procurement practices, and acquire a deeper understanding of how internal controls, when applied effectively, can impact business decisions, objectives and the bottom line.

Associate Membership   Associate membership is ideal for anyone who is not looking to become MAICP/MAPP certified but who does have a strong interest in Internal Control, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and Procurement and Supply Chain practices. Membership gives you access to all the AICP membership benefits and does not require any entry qualifications or past experience.

Certification for Skilled Professionals  Applications for Certification from skilled professionals are accepted on the basis of job experience and skills, i.e. the candidate’s actual professional experience in internal control, risk management and corporate governance practices or procurement and supply chain management practices. No examination is required.

Certification by Examination 

We are re-developing the MAICP/MAPP educational curriculum in order to ensure our programmes meets the highest possible standards and modern practices internationally. The revised programme is scheduled for completion and launch during the 1st quarter of 2017. For more information, please click on the link.

International Network

The AICP membership is growing rapidly, attracted by our international presence, an affordable membership and a professional accreditation process and training aimed at helping our members to navigate all sorts of challenges. We encourage participation by members in building our network of Chapters and International Partners. Is their a Chapter or a Partner of the AICP in your country or region? Check here…

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